Sunday, November 20, 2022

Christian Trivia Question #28 - Miraculous Food

There are many references to food in Scripture.  Laws about how to prepare it and what not to eat. Prophesies about abundant crops and famines. Food to be prepared specifically for sacrifice.

But not only regular food.  On many occasions, God turned some very common food into miraculous food.  The obvious example is the "Multiplication of the Loaves" or the "Feeding of the 5,000" where Jesus fed the multitude miraculously with 5 loaves and 2 fishes.

Name at least 5 other occasions that God used food in a miraculous way.


  1. Manna from heaven Ex. 16
    An over abundance of fish John 21
    Jesus turning water into wine during Wedding at Cana John 2 (it’s a drink, I know haha)

    That’s all I can come up with on my own

  2. Excellent Kelsey. Three off the top of your head is pretty good. The abundance of fish when Jesus told Peter to throw the nets on the other side of the boat after they had caught nothing all night is certainly a miracle, but technically the food itself (fish in this case) was not miraculous as in the case of the water changing into wine and the manna that appeared each morning to feed the Hebrews in the desert.

    But we're going to count it. There's many more, so keep the guesses coming.

  3. What about Jesus turning water into wine, the time that Elisha multiplied oil for a widow so she can pay off her debt, when God allowed the last bit of flour and oil not to dry up but feed Elijah and the woman and her son for many days, manna in the desert, and Jesus actually turning bread and wine into his body, blood, soul and divinity!

  4. ANSWER – (Part 1 of 2):
    You guys got most of them that I could think of. It seems the common theme to each of these was for those involved to trust that God would provide in a way inconceivable to them. The miraculous food always followed after a step of faith. Here are a few details about these instances that God used food in miraculous ways:

    1. Manna (Exodus 16; Numbers 11:6-9).
    “Manna” was the food miraculously sent to the Israelites during their forty year journey in the desert out of Egypt to the Promised Land. It fell during the night in small white flakes or grains which covered the ground, with a taste like "flour with honey", or "bread tempered with oil".

    They were in the desert where food was scarce, so their instinct was to gather as much as they could and store it. But God commanded them to only gather enough for the day, teaching them that He would continually provide enough each day for them if they trusted Him.

    2. Miraculous catch of fish by Peter (John 21: 1-14)
    This miracle occurs at the Sea of Tiberias after Jesus was raised from the dead. Peter was with brothers James and John, Thomas, Nathanael, and 2 other (unnamed) disciples. After fishing all night, they caught nothing.

    Heading back in the morning, Jesus was standing on the shore and after hearing their report of catching no fish, Jesus told them to cast their net on the other side of the boat. You know the story…they obeyed – perhaps remembering all the times Jesus’ unusual instructions resulted in a miracle - even though it made no sense to seasoned fishermen. Their net became filled with “153 large fish”.

    When they came ashore, Jesus invited them to “Come, have breakfast.” They enjoyed fish cooked over a charcoal fire and bread that Jesus had prepared for them. This was the third time Jesus had appeared to His disciples after being raised from the dead.

    3. Water into wine at the Wedding in Cana (John 2:1-11)
    Jesus performed this miracle at a wedding for friends of the family in the town of Cana in Galilee. When the host became aware that the wine was running out, it was brought to the attention of Mary who in turn reported to Jesus, “They have no wine.” Then Mary told the host to “Do whatever He tells you.”

    Jesus responded by instructing the vintner to fill with water 6 large jars (about 150 gallons) used for ceremonial washings. Like Peter and the others who did not question the apparent uselessness of what Jesus told them to do, they simply obeyed Jesus and the miracle occurred.
    As the servers began serving the water turned to wine, the headwaiter said to the bridegroom, “Everyone serves good wine first, and then when people have drunk freely, an inferior one is served; but you have kept the good wine until now.”

    A few more examples coming soon in Part 2.