Monday, July 19, 2021

Christian Trivia Question #27 - Sliced Thin Please

I came across an obscure reference (at least to me) to a very prominent ancient country in the history of God's people as recorded in the OT.  This country that played an important role from very early right up through Jesus' life was called "The Land of Ham".  

What country was called the Land of Ham?


1. Exodus 3:13-20

2. Psalms 105:26

3. It's not Lebanon.

Extra Credit:  Who was it named after?


  1. I want to say it's Israel or Palestine. -Stephanie

  2. Nope. I was going to say good guess Steph, but considering the dietary prohibition of eating pork in the Mosaic Law, that was a bad guess! Lol.
    Try again.

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  4. ANSWER:

    The land of Ham refers to Egypt. Psalms 105 recounts the origins of the Hebrew people in Egypt.

    If you remember the story of Joseph (the youngest son of Jacob who was sold into slavery by his brothers who were jealous of his favorite son standing), he eventually rose to the high position of governor in Egypt. He guided the country and the surrounding region through a major famine which brought his father Jacob (later named "Israel") and extended family to Egypt.

    In time, Joseph died, and his descendants - the children of Israel - were fruitful and increased abundantly in the land of Egypt. Eventually, the Egyptians grew to resent the Hebrews and placed them into slavery. It is these people that Moses was sent centuries later to free from that bondage and who were led into the promised land of Israel.

    "​​Israel [Jacob] also came into Egypt,
    ​​And Jacob dwelt in the land of Ham." (Psalms 105-23)

    And Ham was one of the sons of Noah. Ham's descendants are believed to have settled in northern Africa in the region now known as Egypt - aka 'the land of Ham'.


  6. Sliced thin please HAHAHAHA I didn’t even put the two together until now, goooood one Mr. Hoff!