Tuesday, December 31, 2019

Christian Trivia Question #1 - The Gospel Writers

Everybody likes a game of trivia (I think).  
So I'm going to send you a question every week or so.  

Question #1:  

Name the Gospel writer(s) who were named among the 12 Apostles?
(Hint:  Matt 10:2-4)


  1. Matthew and John are correct. But because Luke and Mark were not Apostles. That’s the catch. Many think all 4 Evangelists were Apostles. 
    Neither Mark nor Luke were direct disciples of Christ - it is believed they never met Him so they couldn’t have been of the 12 original Apostles. But they were close companions of Peter and Paul, respectively. 
    The Gospel according to Mark was largely given to him by Peter (who called Mark ‘his son’).  And Luke’s account was undoubtedly from Paul, Mary (especially the infancy narrative and the Annunciation from Gabriel), and “those who from the beginning were eyewitnesses” - Luke 1:2. 
    Good job!